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Dec 1, 2017

Ashley + Ben | A Vandalia, OH Holiday Family Session

I’ve known Ashley ever since we were in middle school. (I’ll save you the math – it’s been a while.) And we both had our first born around the same time. We have decided that they will get married one day! (Yep, we already spoke that out to the universe.) So when she asked us to have a session with her and her family we literally jumped at the offer!

I mean, come on…four beautiful girls, a just-stepped-out-of-a-magazine-type-of-gorgeous couple, amazing (for the end of November) weather, and Christmas trees; Can you hear me say, “perfect family holiday session!?!”

Watching Ben, Ashley and their daughters interact with one another was like watching something out of the best Hallmark Christmas movie. The way that Ashley looks at Ben as if he hung the moon is enough to make your heart explode. And then he looks at her as if she were the only woman left on the planet. And then their daughters look up at them and you might as well be done for. When Ashley and Ben took individual shots with each of the girls you could literally feel the love between each other.

My very favorite part of the day was when they asked me to take a family picture that truly shows who they all are. And Ben gave me his signature, “I don’t know what these ladies are doing” face. Talk about priceless. The only other man in the house is their chihuahua, Shmee, and let’s just say that Shmee doesn’t live a hard life. But when you’re surrounded by such sweet, beautiful women, who’s life would be that hard??

Ash, thank you so much for making our holiday family session dreams come true. We were beyond honored to spend the afternoon with your family. And we’re thankful that we will get to relive your session every day now that it is forever captured on our blog! Here are a few of our favs 🙂






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