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Dec 12, 2017

Sarah + Damon | Romantic Winter Wedding, Bell Event Centre, Cincinnati OH

The music had quieted. The guests were seated. The bridal party was lined up. It’s during this time of the wedding that our grooms are the most nervous. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. Most grooms get shaky hands, excited jitters and walk too quickly down the aisle. But not Damon. He came out a few minutes before his bride was to walk down the aisle and, holding a giant canvas in hand, addressed the guests.

This canvas here is our guestbook, he said. Sarah is so excited about it and has been working on it forever and it means a lot to her. I only see a few names on here so far and a lot of you, so please be sure that you sign this before you leave. It would mean a lot to her. A lot to her. Not to him. Not to us. But her.

In the last moments before he made his fiancee’ his wife, Damon didn’t seem nervous. And his thoughts were still completely focused on what he could do to make the experience special for Sarah.

Sarah made the most beautiful bride and didn’t stop smiling all day. Every once in awhile she’d look at one of her bridesmaids and say this is starting to get so real. And then her whole face would erupt with the biggest smile.

That’s the thing about Damon and Sarah…they’re really in love. Not like the fairy tale, almost-too-good-to-be-true, summer romance kind of love. The real kind. The see-each-other-through-hard-times, selfless, partnership kind of love. And that is truly inspiring to witness. They weren’t caught up in all the small details of their day (although all the details were incredibly stunning). They just wanted to be surrounded by their friends and family, love on each other and their son, and celebrate the start of their marriage.

Sarah and Damon, what an honor it was for us to capture the start of your incredible love story. We love you both so much and we couldn’t have imagined closing off wedding season with anyone else. We can’t wait to watch as the rest of your journey unfolds! Here are just a few of our many favorites from your incredibly beautiful day!



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