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Oct 30, 2017

We love high school seniors. LOVE them. Like, a lot. For lots of reasons, but mostly because we recognize that they are in such an incredibly special time of life. And we kind of want to relive that time again. Can we get an amen? Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have a lot of regrets from […]

Oct 30, 2017

Andrew Bernard from The Office said it best, “I wish there was a way to know that you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” That’s exactly how we feel during our senior sessions. We get to capture our seniors at that incredible time in their lives when they literally have the […]

Oct 30, 2017

What do you get when you combine golden Ohio light, a gorgeous park, and a high school senior who dresses like a star and has enough grace for someone twice her age? You get Hannah’s senior session — and we’re slightly obsessed. From the moment we pulled up for Hannah’s session, we started giggling and getting extra giddy, […]

Oct 22, 2017

They say that great people travel in packs–and after meeting Jamie and Bart, we couldn’t agree more. We were introduced to Jamie through her sister Kristen, and pretty much fell in love right away. She just has one of those spirits that makes your heart feel good. Our first conversation felt more like catching up […]

Oct 19, 2017

She walked into the reception hall and immediately stopped in her tracks. You could almost feel her catch her breath. She was on her way to see her groom for the very first time on their wedding day (something she’d talked about all day), but instead she said something that caught us off guard. “I […]

Oct 19, 2017

We’ve been so blessed this year with some of the most amazing couples and the most personal weddings. Taylor and Torey are no different. When we first met with Taylor to talk about her vision for her wedding, she didn’t have a lot of ideas. She wasn’t sure about her colors, the vibe she wanted, […]

Oct 13, 2017

Hey beauties – Kenzie here! On the day of my shoot with Meaghan, I didn’t really know what to expect weather-wise. The forecast said there wasn’t going to be any rain, but as I got into my car, it started sprinkling. So then there was me running back inside to grab our handy-dandy-but-also-super-artsy bubble umbrellas […]

Aug 31, 2017

If there were ever a couple that embodied everything a marriage should be, it’s Bayleigh and Logan. Although they chose to embark on this journey young, I don’t think that anyone that met them would doubt that their love will stand the tests of time. Bayleigh and Logan’s wedding day was filled with an incredible […]

Aug 30, 2017

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Kristen and Alex, then I’m quite certain that you have never witnessed the kind of love these two have. Seriously, it’s almost overwhelming how sweetly and comfortably they look at each other. From the second they got out of their car with their sweet pup, I […]

Aug 30, 2017

“It was no accident me finding you. Someone had a hand in it long before we ever knew.” From my first meeting with Holly and Andrew, I knew that their wedding was going to be one for the books. Holly and I reconnected after a few years (and a couple of cute babies) and I […]